October 14, 2016

Mental Health Supported Housing

Those with serious and persistent mental illnesses deserve the opportunity to live as independently as possible in an affordable residential environment of their choice according to their individual needs.

We offer different levels of support through a variety of programs. The focus of each program is to assist clients in developing and maintaining life-skills and to help them access community resources in order to enhance their recovery.

Participants may receive support for as long as they need assistance to continue to follow their Recovery Plan. Services are determined through mutual planning with participants and their Case Managers at Burnaby Mental Health Services. Funding for these supported housing programs is provided by Fraser Health. All referrals must be made through the Burnaby Mental Health and Substance Use Services.

Transitional Housing Program

Georgia House is a transition home that offers communal housing with affordable rent to 5 people at a time for a period of two years or less. Residents of this program live independently in the community and take a proactive approach in their own recovery journey while living in a therapeutic and supportive environment. We offer wellness activities for residents, both in the home and in the community, such as weekly one-on-one appointments with the support staff, weekly house meetings, a life-skills group, health groups, communal meal preparation, outings, fundraisers, and events in the community. Our goal is for graduates of this program to have gained the life-skills necessary for daily, independent living


Shared Housing Program

We have two shared homes in Burnaby, where five clients have chosen to live in a communal setting. Residents are provided with a rental subsidy through B.C. Housing to ensure that accommodation is affordable. Support staff  meet with the residents on a regular basis to help them learn, or relearn, basic life-skills essential to living independently.


Supported Independent Living Program (SIL)

Through the SIL program, we help individuals with a severe and persistent mental illness develop the skills necessary to successfully maintain an independent lifestyle. This program provides individual support services. While they are actively participating in the support program, a rent subsidy is provided to provide affordable market housing.


Community Living Support Program (CLS)

The goal of this program is to assist people to develop life skills and access community resources maintain a functioning level of wellness while living full lives. The support staff works with people on a variety of goals from daily living to employment opportunities, while managing their mental health symptoms. Participants in this program do not require financial assistance to meet their housing needs.

Rent Supplement Program

BC Housing provides us with 7 rental subsidies for people living in market housing. Eligible applicants are graduates of supported housing programs that have demonstrated their ability to live independently without support.